About Me

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey LA-based Producer, Composer and Guitarist Aaron Aiken has forged a diverse and exciting career playing/recording for artists such as Crystal Lewis, Maggie Szabo, John Stratton, John Turri, Linda McCrary, Isabelle Simone and more. He is currently playing electric guitar for Crystal Lewis, while balancing a mixture of indie film compositions, commercial placements and production on a number of upcoming albums. Most days he can be found working in his studio in Glendora, CA, where he is always writing and working with other artists to create.

In addition to your standard fare of instrumentation and production he specializes in the slightly more obscure, pairing unlikely companions to create unique textures and hooks. On any given day you can count on an array of ethnic instruments, analog pedals, and vintage microphones strewn across The Burnaby Studio. Whether it's a hammered dulcimer run through a poly-octave generator, or a time-stretched duduk recorded as thematic underscore you can be assured Aaron is never just reaching for the next preset but rather crafting unique and tailor-made sounds for each production.