Of all the things I do one that I enjoy most is producing, recording and arranging albums. Whether you're an established artist looking for a fresh set of ears, or just starting out and are looking to find your sound I would love to work with you!

Below you'll find some recent examples of songs and albums I've produced, and under each you'll find the details of my involvement. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Kingdom Come - Tudor

I honestly could not be more proud of this record, as it was the collective groupthink of some of my absolute favorite people and musicians alive. Tudor is one of most gifted songwriters around, and his songs speak for themselves before any production comes into play, which makes the process so enjoyable. Take a listen!

#PayThePoet - Michael Nelder

My first foray into Hip Hop, Pay The Poet by Michael Nelder. I wrote all the music, co-wrote some songs, as well as produced and mixed the record. Michael is a ridiculously gifted dude and I am so proud of how this came out.

Sea of Grace - Hector Gabriel

It was an absolute pleasure working on this worship album with my dear friend Hector, which I had the privilege to produce, track and mix. Many amazing people were involved in the tracking of this recording, and we are both so happy with how it came out!

Symphony of a Lioness - Arielle Estoria

This album was a collaboration between Arielle Estoria and I, wherein I produced, wrote and mixed all the music, to her spoken word. Arielle is a dear friend of mind, and going through the process of finding the music that fit her lyrics was an amazing and delightfully challenged process.

Palm Tree Christmas - Tudor Williams

In the fall of 2015 Tudor brought me this Christmas song as an acoustic guitar and vocal, and we took the time to flesh out the track and record the musicians. This was a super fun track to work on, wherein the bulk of the work was done in about a week.