Live Guitar

As much as I love being in the studio and working behind the desk nothing can replicate the feeling of performing the tracks I work on live. Here are just a handful of the artist I either MD or play guitar for on a regular basis (you can click each shot and check them out!)

Studio Guitar

In all albums I produce or films I compose my guitar is throughly embedded, but I do frequently record for other artists and projects. Here you'll find some of those tracks and projects, many of which are not publicly available. Check out some of these recent projects, and don't forget to check out my Film and Albums page to hear albums/films that I played on which I also produced.

John Stratton - In The Morning

This was a project many years in the many making, by my dear friend John Stratton. I've played guitar in John's band for a long time, and these songs were recorded over the course of a couple years and I played on a number of them!